Who we are
We’re a full service and consulting business solutions firm for individual and small businesses. We have over 18 years of experience. When you’re using our online payroll services, you also have access to a wealth of knowledge and support from our accounting firm.

Payroll Services
Pay employees
Enter hours and get instant paycheck calculations. Then print checks yourself or use free direct deposit.
Pay payroll taxes

We calculate payroll taxes and
remind you when to pay. Just click
to e-pay your taxes.

File payroll tax forms

We automatically fill in federal and
state payroll tax forms for you. Just
click to e-file your forms.


We offer payroll online service to both small and corporate businesses.

Our philosophy
To support and provide affordable payroll services to small and medium businesses.
Goals & values
  1. Simple and Affordable Pricing.

  2. Online Payroll Service Ease of Use.

  3. Provide Expert Supports.

  4. Keep up-to-date on the latest technology.

  5. Provide Payroll HR FAQ.

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